TBfree East Hawea aerial possum control

OSPRI’s TBfree East Hawea aerial possum control operation was successfully completed on Monday 21st September.
OSPRI’s Southern South Island programme Manager Brent Rohloff said that strict regulations were followed throughout the operation. This included the placement of warning signs at all likely public access points to the area. It is important that the public adhere to the instructions on these warning signs.
“Additional dog warning signs have been put in place at access points to Lake Hawea frontage. This additional signage is to make dog owners aware of the potential risk of carcasses washing down onto the shore and enabling them to keep their dogs safe” said Mr Rohloff. It will not be safe to take dogs into the operational area until all of the warning signs have been officially removed.
The East Hawea operation covers approximately 880 hectares and supports a large-scale ground-based control programme in the area, using traps and hand-laid toxins. Possums are the main carrier of bovine TB and may spread the disease to livestock in surrounding farmland if they are not effectively controlled.
OSPRI helps protect and enhance the reputation of New Zealand’s primary industries. It currently runs the NAIT and TBfree programmes.

To read the official media release click the link here => Media release TBfree East Hawea op 21 Sept 2015