Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting – February 2014


held in the Lake Hawea Community Centre on 18th  February 2014 commencing at 7.30pm

 PRESENT: Dennis Hughes (Chair), Ian Rae (Treasurer), Sue Rutherford (Secretary) John Taylor,  Dave Sherwin, Jimmy Cotter, Judith Shawe, Doug Brenssell, Don Robertson, Rachel Brown, Alison Brown, Gerry Burdon, Graeme Ballantyne, Mike Cotter.

APOLOGIES:  Errol Carr, Mike Johnson

Dennis Hughes moved that the apologies be accepted, seconded by Doug Brenssell. ACCEPTED


Dennis Hughes moved that the minutes of the December 2013 meeting be accepted, seconded by John Taylor. AGREED


Dennis Hughes spoke to the water monitoring report received from Nichola Greaves, QLDC. Dave Sherwin confirmed that chlorination of Hawea township water is still taking place. A small group convened, Don Robertson, Dennis Hughes, Kim Fogelberg (Protect Our Water, Hawea Flat), and Alison Brown, to discuss the report. Don Robertson clarified what the report stated – that under certain conditions the UV treatment (of water) could be overwhelmed when there was contamination in the water. The meeting felt that council did a good job of notifying residents about the need to boil water, pre chlorination of Hawea water. However it was less clear when this notice was lifted. A number of questions were raised regarding the testing, results and identifying the cause of water contamination.

Don Robertson and Alison Brown have drafted a combined letter asking more questions of QLDC and ORC. (Attached).

Gerry Burdon raised the point that the recent high lake level had created erosion around the shore and ‘dirty’ water.

Graeme Ballantyne identified an issue of monitoring frequency and where the testing is carried out with no distinction between the source (the lake), the structure taking the water up and the reticulation system.

Alan Hur emailed HCA a number of concerns, hyper-chlorination and sewage contamination from the camp public toilets. Don Robertson followed up with some discussion with Alan Hur.

John Taylor reported on his observation of water testing at the boat ramp toilets.

Committee approved the content of the letter to ‘cc’ to Hawea residents, Chief Executives of QLDC & ORC, and two appropriate staff at QLDC and ORC with a cover letter from the Chairpersons of HCA and Guardians.

Don Robertson spoke about the draft National Policy Statement for Fresh water Management, (which will be an instrument under the Resource Management Act). Both Don and Alison have put forward a submission on this public document. Dennis Hughes suggested we hold a public meeting with key speakers to address national policy issues and government direction on water management.



  1. Letter from HCCC requesting a representative from HCA for 2014 – Louana Rosborough


  1. Letter to Hawea Flat School seeking support for the establishment of an AED in the Hawea Flat community – Ian Rae

Emails exchanged:

  1. Rachel Brown – Nomenclature for foreshore track (General Business item)
  2. Daniel Druce – HCA Consultation with Contact Energy

Reply from Dennis Hughes: A meeting be arranged soon and in the course of that briefing perhaps consider doing the consultation via focus group discussion meetings.

  1. Donald Urquhart – Concerns about nomination procedure at AGM 2013 (General Business item)
  2. John Taylor – Epic 2014 details confirmation
  3. Gaye Robertson – Night sky issues and web page corrections (Sue Rutherford acknowledged Gaye’s email and corrected web page)

Dennis Hughes and Doug Brenssell moved that the committee resolve that the inward correspondence be accepted and outward approved                   AGREED

MATTERS ARISING FROM CORRESPONDENCE: To be addressed in General Business.


The public meeting on 11 January drew a big attendance.  The full agenda required me to move the agenda along at a steady pace and in the course of two busy hours we covered a lot of ground.  Community members participated happily and productively in the meeting and, as a result, this Committee has several suggested projects/services to consider along with a few immediate matters requiring action (see below).

What pleased me most was that the meeting was a team effort.  And, for that I thank Committee members for getting behind the intent of public meetings and being there to welcome, talk with and listen to our constituency.  Further, I also thank you for, without being asked, stepping in and taking ownership of the many tasks that make such a meeting a success (e.g., advertising, printing and delivering fliers to house holds; setting up the meeting room, ensuring our two tea breaks ran like clock work; having name tags ready and ensuring the discussion group organization ran smoothly; cleaning up afterwards etc).

I was delighted that Lyall Cocks, Rachel Brown and Craig Blake (L. Hawea Launch Warden), again without being asked, took time out of their busy day to be at our meeting and listen to and talk with community members.

Suggestions re future projects, and matters requiring more immediate attention are, in no particular order, listed below:

  • Water Quality – lake waters, ground water, drinking water
  • Saving ‘Our Night Sky’
  • The swimming bay near boat ramp
  • Signage for Lake Hawea (main road turn-off)
  • Curbing, channelling, footpaths, parking (Lake Hawea, Hawea Flat)
  • Community Noticeboard
  • Reviewing capacity and clearance of Domain Road ‘recycling station’ at peak holiday times
  • Ditto – for capacity and clearance of lakeside and Sailz recycling/rubbish bins at peak times
  • Playground matters: Age restrictions on use of HCC playground; need for playground at Timsfield
  • Rabbits!
  • Lake-side stock management
  • Hawea archives – is there such a resource/service?  Is it supported?
  • Recording, preserving, and sharing (via lakeside, trackside, roadside, and elsewhere information panels) Hawea’s history (Maori, early explorers, settlers, hydro-development, farming, alpine etc., etc.,)
  • HCA meetings – and optional discussion groups
  • Landscaping from tennis courts to Peter Fraser Park
  • More shade willows at Scott’s Beach
  • Retention of some lake-side gum trees
  • Grandparents’ Cupboard
  • Weekly or monthly Hawea Community Market
  • Updated Hawea map showing new and old names
  • Town centre planning (commercial zoning), landscaping, parking, curbing, rubbish/recycling, noticeboard, seating, etc
  • Hawea Domain facilities – improve, maintain, develop, use
  • Seal the road to John Creek
  • Improve signage/advertising of Green Waste Centre
  • More commercial zoning

The Committee now needs to give thought to the above suggestions and make decisions about both process and follow-up.


Since our December meeting I have:

  • Met with a small group to discuss and consider the January E.coli water notice and the associated Water Monitoring Report.
  • Along with John Taylor, supported Danielle Nicholson in the production of a Contact Epic video.
  • Along with Doug Brenssell, kept a close eye on clearance of the Domain Road recycle station and requested additional clearances at times of peak usage.
  • Along with Sue Rutherford, kept the QLDC/Small Associations Seminar Day matter moving along.
  • Along with Don Robertson and others, worked on HCA’s response and leadership to the overall matter of ‘water quality’.
  • Responded to the many telephone calls and emails re the Hawea Night Skies news item, and to various expressions of concern re both the green waste centre and the E.coli matter.

Contact Energy Report – Daniel Druce

The planning and picnicking development of the Gladstone Gap is progressing.  As previously discussed at the HCA we unfortunately had some damage to the plastic water tank near the Gladstone Gap.  That is finally scheduled to be welded in the next week or so.

We are also currently pricing up the irrigation system from the tank down into the Gladstone Gap along with the supply & planting of native plants and such.

As discussed at the January HCA meeting Contact is highly appreciative of the offer of two truckloads of mulch.

Lake levels are high at present.  Lake level at the time of writing was 345.72, some 28cm off the Lake’s permitted maximum.

Following a ‘near miss’ at the Hawea Dam before Christmas we are going to upgrade some signage around permitted activities at the Hawea Dam.  This is likely to include ‘outdoor recreation symbols’ such as used by DOC and QLDC to clarify what activities can be undertaken at the Hawea Dam.  These normally take the form of a red circle and stripe through an undesired activity and a blue circle around permitted activities.

Marty Cornish currently has a number of sheep grazing within the wider Hawea Dam.  If you see gates open, please shut them.


There continue to be occasional irksome moments at the Green Waste Centre sparked by the senseless actions of a few.  These include:  A user leaving a trailer load of solid waste at the green waste drop off heap; Another user tipping a full truck load of broom in the middle of the open space, and something that annoyed – someone cutting the chain at the entrance gate and fitting his/her own padlock!  That said, I am not captured by the actions of the few.  99% of our users are considerate, appreciative and loyal customers.
Usage has been particularly heavy these last 3 months with John McCone now doing two ‘push-ups’ a week.

Since our December meeting I have transferred two lots of takings to our Treasurer ($1,350 on 18 December & $1,100 on 10 February), making a total of $2,450.

I thank John Osborne of ‘Lifestyle and Section Services’ for, without being asked, spot spraying outgrowths of broom at the Centre.  Note:  Last year John spent a couple of hours spraying what was then a worrying and heavy infestation of broom that was ‘taking over’ the entire site at no cost to HCA.

My thanks also to Bruce Horrell and John McCone who recently used their machinery to clear a pile of ash and partly burned cabbage tree trunks left after the ‘big burn’ of the flax, broom, toi-toi heap.  Again, without being asked, they scraped up and trucked the burn-residue to the top terrace and used it to landscape and cover old tree-stumps.  The large turning space for users is now open, tidy and again easy to use.
John and  Bruce’s low-key, day-to-day management of the Centre means greenwaste disposal for Hawea residents is cheap, easy and efficient.


Our 9th annual Waitangi Day “Town v Country Challenge” was arguably our best yet.

The Quiz Night attracted 27 teams, partly because the school advertised that the proceeds would go to the Crotty family whose 8 year old son George suffered a head injury in a freak accident during the January holidays.

Doug Brenssell organised a very successful Quiz Master (Prof David Hearse – our own Hawea heart surgeon from London) and an auction. With the proceeds from entry fees, raffles and the auction, a sum of between $3,500 – $4,000 was raised to support the Crotty family during a difficult time. A great effort by the Hawea community. (Doug should have a final figure for the next HCA meeting).

On Waitangi Day itself the weather was perfect – warm with a slight cooling breeze. All of the sporting contests went well and the “Top Town Challenge” was fiercely contested between the Town and Country teams.

Over the day several hundred people – plus countless children – were involved in the events and activities. The highlight of the day was the “flyover”  by Peter Clulow – who delivered the lolly scramble from the air!!

“Country” were the overall winners of the Town v Country Challenge Trophy for 2014 – winning 11 points, compared to “Town’s” 9 points.

Special thanks must go to the Hawea Community Association for funding support; the Lake Hawea Fire Brigade who ran the sausage sizzle and helped with some of the games; the Lake Hawea Community Centre who provided the venue for the Quiz night; and Doug Brenssell who did most of the support work for me and ran many of the games on the day.

No thanks to the QLDC who declined to support the event with funding from their Community Events Fund !!

Costs incurred in running the event were as follows:

  • Printing of 650 mail drop flyers by Mt Aspiring College (staff rates) – invoice still to be received. Mail drop was done by Errol & I so no cost to HCA.
  • Advertising in the Messenger (½ page ad plus line ads) – invoice will be forwarded directly to HCA
  • Sundry items purchased as per receipts attached – $262.35. I would be grateful if you could reimburse me for these at your convenience.

It was a great day and it was wonderful to see our Hawea community enjoying our NZ national day in such a spirit of fun and celebration.


The lake level this morning, was at 344.584masl and falling. The river is running at 191cumecs.

The lake peaked at approx. 345.848masl on 29 January, and so the 1.260m fall in level is due to the sustained high outflows since around 4 February which Daniel Druce of Contact Energy advised us of.
We enjoyed the high levels of 345m plus from very early in January, as did all the people at the swimming area at the Boat Harbour. I guess too, all the folk on the foreshore with less distance to walk to the waters edge!
There was a watch on the factor of cliff erosion during this period of high levels, particularly with the persistent nor’westers during January and the ‘wave surge’ of 1.5 – 2.0m.
Two matters of high importance:
1.  The National Policy on the Management of Fresh Water in New Zealand, and
2.  The E.-coli alert.
The Guardians of Lake Hawea and Dr. Don Robertson (our HCA V-P) have made submissions to the policy on the Management of Fresh Water, and the Guardians and Hawea Community Assn (Inc.) have a draft letter prepared to be sent to both the Otago Regional Council and Queenstown Lakes District Council asking questions of and seeking answers to the E.-coli location and testing and resultant chlorination.
Our district is indeed fortunate in have folk with the foresight and ability in the Don Robertson’s, Kim Fogelberg’s, Alison Brown’s, and the leadership. We locals know we have a pristine lake and water, and we are reminded of this by the passing tourists who goggle at, and delight in double flips alongside our waters edge. We must all remain vigilant to protect this national asset.
A comment on our Waterways facilities:
1.  Our Jetty remains an absolute hit with lake users, visitors, and kids.
2.  The swimming area at the Boat harbour was very popular, and the Pontoon in particular, a real attraction. We are making the most of, at last, our reject pontoon.
3.  The Scott’s Beach swimming area buoy line remained stable and successful.
4.  The Esplanade buoy line unfortunately was anything but, and this probably the result of a rushed installation more than anything. It is work in progress and the hopeful recovery of some good anchors when the lake is at its lowest.


We have 10 street contacts to date:

  • John Taylor, Lakeview Terrace
  • Jude Battson, Sam John Place
  • Alison & Neal Brown, John’s Creek
  • Judith Shawe, Elizabeth St (Judith & Ian are currently selling their property and moving to Wanaka, but Judith is happy to get NS up and running and then handover to a neighbour)
  • Ian Rae, Ellie Place
  • Lyn Talbot, Charles Court
  • Margaret & Russell Chirnside, Flora Dora Parade
  • Erroll & Colleen Carr, Skinner Cres (they are currently away in Australia on a family matter and not sure when they will be back)
  • Marg Goodger, Noema Terrace
  • Myself for Camphill Road

I have been in touch with all the street contacts and have meetings arranged with each of them over the next few days to hand out information and the forms for gathering street details. Mike Johnston is getting all the brochures and leaflets etc. and also the street signs which the police install for us.

We also have interest from Wanaka and I am meeting with a person on Wednesday to help her set up NS at Mt Iron.

Dennis Hughes moved that the reports be accepted, seconded by Ian Rae. ACCEPTED


Attached. Ian spoke to his report.

Income received:

Greenwaste – $2,450

Accounts for payment:

Don Robertson (photocopying) $15.00

Colleen Carr (Town & Country Day) $262.35

On the motion of executive members Ian Rae and Doug Brenssell the committee resolved:

  1. 1.    The Treasurers report be received
  2. 2.    The accounts be paid                                                     AGREED


  1. Contact Epic update – John Taylor. Hawea Kindergarten has withdrawn as a volunteer group. Hawea Netball and Hawea Flat School PTA are possible contingency groups. John Taylor to follow up. Course organisers have asked for HCA’s support to use Gladstone Track from John Creek to Esplanade, in order to reduce traffic issues on Muir & Cemetery Rds.  Discussion followed around safety issues with other track users. HCA ask that Contact Epic address the issues of track closure, safety and other track users with council.
  2. Naming of foreshore track – Rachel Brown representing Upper Clutha Tracks, discussed the background to signage and the naming of the foreshore track and HCA happily concur with Rachel’s recommendation that this will be known as Gladstone Track.

Dennis Hughes moved that the southern foreshore track be known as the Gladstone Track. AGREED

 Defibrillator update – Ian Rae reported that a defibrillator is in position on the verandah of the Lake Hawea Community Centre. 22 people have been trained in its use. If HCA wish to get further funding from Central Lakes Trust we have to register with the Charities Commissioner. Ian has written to Hawea Flat School for support of a defibrillator at the school. Ongoing costs will be met by HCA.

  1. Hawea School Track (Camphill Rd to Domain Rd) – Rachel Brown reported that this is going out for public notification. Letters of support for the proposal will be requested in the near future.
  2. HCA Rep for Lake Hawea Community Centre – Following discussion, committee agreed that Doug Brenssell represents HCA on the LHCC committee.

On the motion of Dennis Hughes and Judith Shawe committee resolved that Doug Brenssell will be the HCA Rep on the Lake Hawea Community Centre Committee. AGREED

  1. HCA consultation with Contact Energy – Dennis Hughes read a memo from Daniel Druce, giving advance notice regarding a number of plans and reports that Contact needs to consult on during autumn and winter 2014. These plans are Foreshore Landscape Management Plan, 5yr review, Lake Margin Management Plan, 5yr review, Erosion Management Plan, 5yr review.

Dennis Hughes met with Daniel, 18th February and invited him to meet with HCA to discuss these points. Interested parties will be invited to attend and a process started to address these plan reviews.

  1. Town and Country Day – Dennis Hughes gave thanks to Colleen & Errol Carr and Doug Brenssell for all their hard work in the organising of this day. A letter of thanks to be sent.
  2. Small Communities Associations Meeting – Dennis summarised details. Saturday 12th April confirmed date. Invitations being prepared by QLDC to be sent to all small communities in the district. Catering to be finalised.
  3. Community Noticeboard – Jimmy Cotter presented a plan and quote, $1598.00, for a sliding window to replace the broken glass on the noticeboard outside Sailz Café & Bar. Committee accepted the quote.
  4. HCA website update – Dave Sherwin is in the process of upgrading the website, including a section on ‘Our Water’. There will be dedicated login for other users to add content.
  5. Letter from D Urquhart – Dennis suggested we accept Donald’s withdrawal of nomination. Committee recognised Rachel Brown’s process of election of committee members at the AGM, which was carried out in good faith.

Tabled for next meeting:

  1. Civil defence wardens – John Taylor
  2. Bike Park – Jimmy Cotter
  3. Anzac Day – Doug Brenssell
  4. Gladstone Gap update – Dennis Hughes


Next meeting: March