Minutes Executive meeting August 2014

Held in the Hawea Hall – Supper Room on 26th August 2014 commencing at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Dennis Hughes (Chair), Ian Rae (Treasurer), Doug Brenssell, Don Robertson, Rachel Brown, Sue Rutherford, Chris Robertson, Ken Robertson, Bridget Brady, Melissa Johnston, Derek Ealson, Sean Hurley, John Cartlidge, Paul Cunningham, and Kim Fogelberg

APOLOGIES: Errol Carr, John Taylor and Jimmy Cotter
That the apologies be accepted. Moved Dennis accepted by a show of voices. AGREED

That the minutes of the July 2014 meeting be accepted. Moved Dennis Hughes seconded Sue Rutherford. AGREED

That the minutes of the July 2014 Special Public Meeting be accepted. Moved Dennis Hughes seconded by Sue Rutherford. AGREED
It was noted that there was great feedback from the meeting. The committee was impressed with the turn out. (72 pax present)
Letter to Lake Hawea Community Centre committee informing them that the Hawea Community Association passed a motion at the meeting of the committee on 22nd July, that ‘the HCA grant the LHCC $5000 to cover the costs of the projection screen and mobile audio equipment on the understanding the HCA will have access to these and occasional room hire requirements for community meetings, outside of the normal HCA monthly meetings, free of charge’
1. Geoff Hewson, Lake Hawea Community Centre – On behalf of the Lake Hawea Community Centre Inc. a request for funds of $2624 to purchase a fixed screen to accommodate our own projector.
Emails exchanged:
2. Kathie Tansley, Office of the Mayor – letter with information about forming and running a charitable entity. Reply: Ian Rae is attending to this matter.
3. John Taylor – Confirming that Pindone carrot – dyed green, has been broadcast and laid in the week-old trails on both the LINZ land and Contact’s land between Spences and the Gladstone Gap.
4. Lake Hawea Community Centre – Accepts the offer of $5000 to purchase a projection screen and mobile audio equipment and agrees with the understanding of the HCA

The June Financial Report is attached.
Ian Rae spoke to his report and noted
1. The Defibrillator is in place at Hawea Flat School. Ian offered a course for local parents and he had no takers. He will offer another course during the swimming season.
2. It was noted that the HCA is looking like having a good surplus this year. The surplus can be mainly attributed to the operation of the Green Waste.
That Treasures Report is received and the accounts be paid. Moved Ian Rae, seconded Don Brenssell. AGREED

GUARDIANS – John Taylor
The lake tonight, Sunday August 24, is at 341.635masl and is dropping at 100mm a day with the river running consistently at 192 cumecs. After coming down to a low of 341.237 at the end of July, the lake ‘peaked’ for a third time in the year at around 342.322 on Friday August 15. This after the approx 30mm downpour on the 11th of August. And the glorious snow. We have a Guardians of Lake Hawea meeting this Thursday 28th.

FORESHORE – Di Turnbull
The Thursday group is continuing the weed control program on the Foreshore. We have also delivered wood to several families in need and the women’s refuge. QLDC have agreed to paint the toilet block at Esplanade Beach. This will be Karaka green on the outside, and a light colour on the inside. There will also be a sign ‘toilets’ visible from the track. The three new picnic tables should be installed by Asplundh soon one at Esplanade Beach and two at Scott’s beach. The QLDC Hort team and the Thursday group combined forces for a work bee in Flora Dora to put three truckloads of mulch on the plantings there. Thanks to Bruce Horrell for delivering three truckloads of mulch for us. QLDC are organising to extend the water line westward in Flora Dora for us, so that we can plant the other two areas where the trees stumps are, in the autumn. QLDC have also said they will supply the plants for these areas. This week the Thursday group will be planting willows at Esplanade and Scott’s Beaches, with some man/machine power help from Asplundh. QLDC have said that while there is no funding for roofing the BBQs on the Foreshore this year, they will put it into the Annual plan for next year. We have been having problems with rabbits eating some of the new plantings, so you will see a few more trees with protective netting on for a while.
The large open drain area just west of the Plane Table Reserve will be piped and filled in prior to Christmas by QLDC. There is also going to be a major revamp of the storm water drain at Scott’s Beach in the near future. Anyone wishing to join us on a Thursday, please call me on 443 1707, or find us between 9-12am Thursdays somewhere on the Foreshore.

GREEN WASTE – No report this month

1. Thank-you for the kind donation of $5000 for equipment as mentioned above. The Community Centre will proceed in due course and purchase the equipment.
2. The Community Centre Committee is in the process of organising a House and Garden Tour and a Four Wheel Drive Trip, as part of their fund raising efforts.
3. The Archive Project – The committee is happy with the idea and feels like they need something in writing in order to proceed.
4. Civil Defence – Sector Post is outside the Lake Hawea Community Centre.

1. Land Swap for the Hawea Flat School has been confirmed. Confirmation is also required that the council is happy to take responsibly for the track in the long run.
2. Liquor Ban Zones – Council is undertaking a review of the Liquor Control Bylaw and is re-evaluating current bans, zones and enforcement.

5. Wanaka/Upper Clutha Police:
Derek Ealson of Wanaka Police introduced Sean Hurley our new Rural Community Officer.

Sean noted that
A. He will be in the position for a period of time then rotated. This is in keeping with the new police policy to rotate staff in these types of positions.
B. He will implement a regular contact point in the community in the Lake Hawea Community Centre at times suitable to a satellite community. Once the Hawea contact point is established he will also established contact points in Luggate, Hawea Flat and Cardrona.
C. His email address is: sean.hurley@police.govt.nz

6. Hawea Neighborhood Support
This initiative is still in the pipeline. A meeting is to take place on the1st September 2014.
7. Constitution Review – Amended Constitution (Don)
The draft will be tabled at the AGM for ratification. It was noted that the charitable trust option has been kept in the constitution, providing for the possibility in the future that this may be an option.
That the Draft Constitution of the Hawea Community Association be received. That the draft constitution be presented to the AGM for ratification. Moved Dennis, seconded Ian. CARRIED

8. Charitable Trust Status (Ian)
Applying for Charitable Trust status has under the current ruling become too difficult achieved. The main problem with not having this status is applying for funding.
In was suggested that the onerous rules regarding Charitable Trust status may be eased in the future.
9. AGM preparation – 4th October 2014 at the Lake Hawea Community Centre (Sue/Dennis)
Jobs to be completed:
A. Provide 3 weeks notification of the meeting
B. Call for nominations – note the nomination form was simplified by Dennis
C. Distribute: agenda, draft constitution, nomination forms and the annual accounts.
D. It was noted that if a ballot is required the committee needs to be prepared
E. Membership – The AGM is a membership opportunity and those people need to be either residents or ratepayers.

10. Hawea Food Forest – letter of support request The Hawea Food Forest committee asked that the HCA provide it with a letter of support to use when applying to Charitable Trusts for funding. Dennis tabled a draft letter of support for the Committee’s input and approval. Rachel provided Dennis with some suggested changes of wording. It was agreed that Dennis would provide the amended ‘letter of support’ to Robbie Lawton (Food Forest Committee member).

11. Hawea Anzac Day & related matters (Ian Rae)
In the process of:
A. Sourcing rocks for construction of the memorial
B. Deciding on the names to go on the brass plate. It was suggested that as next year is the 150th year anniversary of WW1, that the names focus on the First World War.
C. Researching who the fallen were
D. John Taylor provided an estimated cost, this was $5000. (John was not present.)

12. SH6 Lake Hawea turn-off (Dennis/John)
Dennis tabled a copy of a memo dated 28 July 2014 that he had sent to Richard Hilliard (QLDC Engineer – Transport, Planning and Infrastructure) reporting the Hawea community’s many concerns about the SH6 Lake Hawea turn-off. He explained that the memo was written following the July Community Meeting in response to Richard’s request for ‘local information’ about the turn-off. Dennis acknowledged the input of several members of the wider Hawea community in the collation of facts and figures for Richard. He noted that he is expecting a response from Richard soon.

Rachel Brown commented that the ‘turn-off issues’ are exacerbated by a significant increase in the Hawea resident population..
13. Workshop – District Plan review
Dennis informed the meeting that Lyal Cocks has offered to lead a workshop about the District Plan Review. It will be for the HCA committee and approximately 10-12 additional people. It was agreed that Dennis liaise with Lyal re a suitable date.

• Kim Fogelberg – Thanks
Thanked the committee for holding a meeting in Hawea Flat.
• Paul Cunningham – Road Condition
Paul has concerns about the mess from agricultural machinery and stock on Camphill Road.
Dennis asked for something in writing from Paul and said that the HCA was happy to communicate concerns to the landowners.
It was suggested that an effluent disposal station is required in our area. Rachel will contact Federated Farmers/Phil Hunt.
• Kim Fogelberg – Water Quality Kim explained that she co-ordinates the quarterly testing of water from several Hawea Flat private bores. She noted that the data shows that the ground water is still pristine.
• Melissa Johnston – Road safety around Hawea Flat. Melissa has serious concerns about the speed of parents dropping children at Trampolining classes. She also noted that the 50 km along the education triangle is not observed and that trucks are using the St Ninians Way as parking stop. She is very concerned about children safety. The police noted her concerns.

Meeting closed at 9.15pm