Lake Hawea Vital Statistics

  • Contact Energy Operating Levels for Power Generation (set after the 1985 review)  

     338.0 to 346.0 masl (8m variation)

  • Controlled Outflow from Lake Hawea Dam

     Minimum =>10 cumecs         Maximum => 200 cumecs

  • Lake Hawea Control Dam Crest height

     351.4 masl            

  • Gladstone Gap Control Structure Crest height

     350.5 masl                                                    

  • Depth of Lake at Normal Maximum level (346.0)


  • Area of Lake at normal maximum level

     149 km2

  • Storage Volume at normal maximum level

     2680 million m3                                                   

  • Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) – Inflow                  

     2980 cumecs                                                    

  • Strong northerly winds produce a wave surge of between.. 1.5 – 2.5m at the southern foreshore.
  • Lake Hawea (at 346.0masl), is higher than Lake Wanaka (at 276.0), by…..70m


Refer to the Otago Regional Council website for Otago lakes and rivers information.


These statistics compiled by the Guardians of Lake Hawea and the Hawea Community Association (Inc.)

(masl = meters above sea level)      (cumecs = cubic meters per second)