Hawea Water Quality cover letter to QLDC & ORC

25 February 2014

 Adam Feeley
Queenstown Lakes District Council
Private Bag 50072
 Peter Bodeker
Otago Regional Council
PO Box 1954

Dear Adam and Peter


For your information we (Mike Cotter, Chairman, Guardians of Lake Hawea, and Dennis Hughes, Chairman, Hawea Community Association) are providing you with a copy of a letter about water quality matters written to Nichola Greaves (QLDC) and Rachel Ozanne (ORC).

In providing you with this correspondence we make the following three points:

1.  The genesis of the attached letter was heightened concerns, on the part of Hawea citizens, about the quality of drinking water following the January 2014 Hawea E. coli ‘boil water event’.

2.  Both the Guardians and the Hawea Community Association (HCA) were impressed with Council’s text-book implementation of the January boil water notice.  At peak holiday time, using all available media services, Council quickly and effectively conveyed and explained the boil water notice.

3.  Following that event, and in response to numerous and ongoing citizen enquiries about water quality and the continued chlorination of Hawea drinking water, the Guardians and HCA convened a group of local scientists and informed citizens to guide our management of this matter.  Our first steps are to seek reassurance about the robustness of current water testing practices and to become better informed about the management of our freshwater resources.

To that end the attached letter comprises a series of questions for your organization’s consideration.

We look forward to your response and signal our willingness for it to be a conversation about current practice and, in the light of the Government’s current review of freshwater management, what lies ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Cotter                                                              Dennis Hughes

Chairman                                                                  Chairman
Guardians of Lake Hawea                                      Hawea Community Association